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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 12, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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this morning on early today, in cold blood. a u.s. soldier is held with a pre-dawn shooting rampage. tornado tragedy. chilling new images emerge of this month's devastating midwest storm. and galactic gaming. sa gets on board as angry birds takes flight in space. >> this is early today for monday, march 12th, 2012. >> hello, and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation including the pacific time zone.
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we begin with a massacre in afghanistan. another major set back for america's efforts in afghanistan. a u.s. soldier who went on a shooting rampage on his base early yesterday allegedly killing 16 civilians, including women and children. tracy potts joins us with the latest. >> reporter: now there are calls for protests today in afghanistan. and we saw what happened with that last month in similar incidents where six americans were killed. >> afghanistan's president calls it terrorism. a u.s. soldier killed 9 children, 4 women and 3 men just 500 yards from a military base in southern afghanistan. >> nato is sitting in a tinderbox and this could be the spark that unravels our presence in afghanistan. >> reporter: president obama called on sunday to apologize
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saying we'll investigate and hold the shooter responsible. >> we are committed to an enduring relationship with afghanistan. to obtain greater peace and security in the region. >> he calls it an intentional act that will never be forgotten. one month after accidental burnings of the koran sparked deadly protest. >> unfortunately, these things happen in war. you have an israeli soldier killed. you just have to push through these things. >> in washington, the latest incident underscores why we have to get out. >> i'our time is pretty good. >> but perhaps not too quickly. >> we should not forget that the attacks originated in afghanistan. >> but the concerns today are attacks on the united states and the united states soldiers. today, the embassy warning americans to stay away from
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large, public gatherings. >> all right, tracy in washington, thank you. well, to syria now where this morning there is no cease fire deal to bring an end to the bloodshed. the u.n. and arab league envoy says he was optimistic for a second time on sunday. it will be tough to work out an agreement. activists say at least 25 people were killed sunday as syrian troops again attacked. government forces also shelled areas near turkey and lebanon. the latest poll from the washington post and abc news shows record-high gas prices earlier this year have lowered president obama's approval rating. the sharply raising prices push down the president's approval rating to 46%. and 50% now say they disapprove of the way mr. obama is handling
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his job. nearly two-thirds of american surveyed are unhappy with the president's actions on gas prices and almost half think prices will keep going un. now, here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. newly released video from kentucky shows a deadly tornado. an entire roof was just ripped off in seconds. a man was trapped in a pick-up truck as buildings all around him were shredded by the twister which claimed six lives. there's some wild weather in hawaii. a waterspout making its way onto a small island during a thunderstorm complete with lightning strikes. it seriously damaged one home. talk about a wild turkey, a michigan woman is being accosted by a fearless bird every time she heads out of her home. it even went after a news crew
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that came out to see for themselves. now she uses an umbrella. she says she's going to let nature take its course. and finally, a washington state teenager is learning two very valuable lessons. one, don't steal. two, maybe more important, don't mess with mom. he's being forced to stand in his driveway holding a sign that says i'm a thief. i like to steal. his mom says that she handed down a very stern punishment after her son stole an ipod from a classmate. now, for a look at your national and regional weather. >> do not mess with me or this will happen. >> yeah, if you want to go that route, okay.
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to each his own. >> good morning, everyone. huge storms affecting the northwest. it's interesting i'd say about 80% of the country is going to have a great weather week. the northwest coastlines of oregon and washington state, this will not be the week for you. you don't have to be a theer person to see that the clouds are bright and white. it's taking all of that moisture and throwing it up in the atmosphere. now it's just a very well defined storm. and that's the reason for the intense wins on the coastlines. hurricane force winds possible. we'll wait and see what comes in during the day today. it will be the worst from now until 4 or 5:00 p.m. also, definitely some rain with it. gusts of 40 miles per hour on the coastline of central oregon. even the mountains will see some high gusts there, too.
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you notice, a lot of it doesn't make it over the mountains. so interior sections should be dry. but there's the forecast for today. that's a look at your national forecast. so one big storm today. lingering shower tomorrow. another storm it looks like midweek. so the northwest is less than ideal. >> yeah, i bet. phil, thanks so much. coming up, the week ahead on wall street. be ware of cyber loafing monday. the early morning business headline goes straight ahead. plus, over the weekend, this
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clunker earned a perfect score. perfectly joviality. >> tiger lives off the golf course and kobe comes up big. the ncaa basketball tournament. you're watching early today.
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>> good morning and welcome back. i'm lynne and here's some of your top headlines. japan marks the anniversary that killed more than 19,000 people. a moment of silence was observed yesterday across the country at the exact moment the magnitude earthquake struck. cross border fighting has reportedly claimed the lives of three more today bringing the death toll to 20. a student at the university
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of maryland has been arrested. campus police say 19-year-old alexander posted plans on a web site to kill enough people to make it to national news. he is undergoing psychiatric evaluation. don petit at the international space station demonstrated his version of the angry birds space. he showed an angry bird toy being launched into zero gravity, flying on a straight line through the international space station. they've got some time up there. now an early look at one of your top headlines on few protections for consumers from big medicines. global health officials say there's no system to track sales of bogus drugs.
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>> you can check out the health page at >> and now here's an early look at wall street. the dow adds 14 points on friday. the s&p was up four points. the nasdaq rose 17. taking a look at overseas, in tokyo, the nikkei lost 48 points. heading into the new week, we're getting more information about the economy. consumer spending and trade. the federal reserve meets to discuss the direction of the economy. in part, that's due to friday's february jobs report, which shows that hiring is still on the rise. and later this week, we'll get an update on how much people are out there buying with the consumer price index report. the economy is still feeling a
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drag from rising gas prices. american companies have a new opportunity to send their goods overseas as a major trade agreement between the u.s. and south korea goes into effect this week. marine rio orders rose more than 3%. china's trade balance plunged into the red by more than $31 billion in february. imports doubled exports. the deal on greek debt is being discussed at today's meeting as they prepare to pay part of the 130 billion bail out. if you preorder the new apple ipad on line, you'll have to wait until next monday for it to be shipped. and finally, expect a slow day in the office today.
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it is cyber loafing monday. the start of daylight saving time means people are tired and they're spending more time on the internet and many will be concentrating on those march madness college basketball choices. maybe a few people in the studio may be participating of that? kobe comes up with the celtics. and tiger woods' come back is once again on hold. plus, vanderbilt shocks top ranked kentucky for their first conference title in 60 years. the early morning sports headlines. >> and while the rest of us are enjoying beautiful weather, the pacific northwest, rainy and windy. your forecast is coming up. you're watching early today.
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good morning. in sports, the teams have been chosen. the match-ups are set. march madness is officially almost here. here's an early look at all of your sports headlines. >> good morning. start filling out those brackets. the field is set for the ncaa tournament. but before the madness begins, there were still a handful of conference titles to be one. the number one team in the country, but didn't play like it against vanderbilt. they hung around all games and
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took the lead in the final minutes. wins the sec title snapping ku's 24-game win streak. despite the loss, kentucky still de gets the top seed. they beat duke on saturday and won the title with a win over north carolina. like kentucky, even though they lost, the tarheels are the number one seed in the midwest. michigan state is a top seed after beating ohio state to win the big ten championship. green knocks down the three in the final minutes to put them up five. they win it 68-64. to the guy who is get paid to play, lakers and celtics, this one goes down to the wire. under a minute to play. kobe bryant who gets the friendly bounce off the iron. lakers hold onto win 97-94. nascar, tony stuart was a big winner in vegas. and i'm not talking about the tables. he took the checkered flag at the speedway. it's his first win of the
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season. forgive me if you've heard this before, tiger woods is hurt. had to pull out of the cadillac championship in florida. it was an injury that kept him out about four months last season. rose wins the cadillac by a single stroke over bubba watson. >> well, once again, families flock to theaters to see what has become the year's biggest box office winner. your early morning entertainment headlines are straight ahead. plus, who's the fairest of them all? no contest in alaska. we'll explain. you're watching early today.
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>> big storm system right along the oregon coastline. going to bring you really strong winds today. coastlines of oregon and washington state. a lot of rain, too, with that. so that's going to cause a lot of inconvenience out there. maybe some minor power outage on the coast. tomorrow, things will slowly improve. well, if you're watching us, king five news in seattle washington, see what the world eats. >> all right, thanks so much. now here's an early look at this morning's headlines. this weekend's box office chant hit the devil.
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doctors say it grabbed just over $39 million in its second weekend to take its earnings to about 122 millions in just 10 day. john carter had a stronger than expected opening. but it cost a reported $25 million to make so $30 million is just a drop in the bucket. taking in an additional $70 million and 51 overseas territories. the r-rated flick opened quietly with 7 million. >> and eddie murphy opened in sixth with 6 plus million. the film did earn a rare distinction of earning 0% on rotten tomatoes. >> so this is going to be the worst film of the year? >> i bet. >> we called this. and this comes from channel 2
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news in anchorage, alaska where a local pageant winner showed her true beauty. she promised to shave her head if she reached $2500. she met her goal and out came the clippers. she's trying to help, took her buzz cut in stride. already the winner of one contest. she's going to keep the bald look when she takes the stage as a contestant in june's ms. alaska contest. she's actually hoping that the kids will see her and say, you know? >> we get it. she's beautiful inside and out. she's perfect. >> exactly. we get it. >> you're better than us, all right? >> well, this is early today. just your first stop of the today today on your nbc station.
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>> the warmest breeze from superman to penguins, kites of all shapes and sizes created a colorful scene in a small beach town there. 32 teens joined together to tackle the issue of global warming. the event wasn't much of a competition as it was a chance too make a statement. it's a battle of artificial intelligence for competitors in vienna. robot designers from 24 different countries with nearly 300 botts participated in the largest robot competition. the self-built designs square off to showcase their technical disciplines.
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after eight years, this is the first there's been a flying robot at the competition. and, finally, do not adjust your television. this home in malaysia really is upside down. no funny camera tricks here. the 1500 square foot house and everything inside is flipped. even the car in the garage. visitors are stopping over to get a peek. and owners say this is a statement to remind people to protect the environment or the world would turn upside down. but isn't it a lot cheaper to just put a sign in your front yard? it just seems the whole house. >> yeah, dishes would be difficult. >> gravity, you know. it always messes everything up. >> time now for an early look at some of the stories throughout the day here on nbc. 39-year-old christopher lee carlson arrested friday in his home is due to be arraigned today. charged with sending threatening
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letters with a white, powdery substance to members of congress and the news media. the powder tested negative. funeral services will be held in new york for the american-born workhorse for end land sunday times who was killed in syria last month when rocket fired by government forces struck the house she was staying in. and happy birthday to james taylor who turned 64 today. all day long, you can set off the very latest developments. and tonight, be sure to watch brian williams with nbc nightly news. and, finally, here's a look at what's coming up later this morning. dr. oz. will be live in the studio to talk about a new diet plan. and you may not have heard of one direction, but chances are your between daughter has. the english boy band being called beatle mania 2.0. and now keep it on this channel for continuing local news,
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weather sports and more. i'm lynn barry. your first stop for today on your nbc station. have a good one.


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